Harassment sees no gender.

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equality (n.) the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

speak no
I've said this once and I'll say it again and again - feminism is about equality. It's not about hating men or pretending women should be or are superior to men.
Unfortunately, more and more I see women act in a manner that contradicts with the core idea of the movement. Just recently I wrote about women implying sexist comments towards other women. Intelligent women putting other women down - we should be lifting each other up not the opposite.
And then there is shit like this...

When I said that feminism is about equality, it meant that issues and 'traditional' gender roles or stereotypes that affect men also should be fought for. If we are fighting to be equal why are we cheering and encouraging behaviors as expressed in this video by the judges? This is sexual harassment. If the roles were rewersed people would be outraged bringing up big words like 'rape' and 'objectification'. As a modern 21st century feminist, I refuse to sit and applaud to these actions. If we are fighting for a cause then we should damn well remember it even when it's not beneficial to only woman.
Of course I could whip out rape and sexual harassment stats now as to 'defend' the actions of these women, because on the top of my head I would presume statistically a woman is more likely to fall victim of such crimes. However, that by no means excuse victimizing someone else. How are we supposed to demand equality and respect if as women we can't even ourselves live up to the expectation and lead the example? Maybe it's time all angry feminists stop pointing only fingers at the opposite sex and start taking into account own actions too?
Either way, just something to think about until then please stay kind to one and other.


Look at that kangaroo, mate. Look at it go, look at it goooo!

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No dictionary definition this time, but…
P is for party
A is for all night
R is for redy
And T is is for tonight
Y is for you
And you know what to do
So let’s paaaaarrrrrrtyyy
Don’t let your mama know
Cus she won’t let you go
Alrigh, alriiighhtt, ALLLRIIIGHHT

This is weird. I can’t believe I have left SHE WRITES neglected for 2 months. As you may be aware I’m currently in USA and typing this up on a computer that look older than I am. Yay for ancient technology. I have so much happen these past months and it’s overwhelming and difficult to wrap an update up in a single post. I promise that camp related content is coming at some point, most likely when I will be back in UK. (mid-September)

Camp has been weird and tiring and awesome, and boring, and frustrating and all of it mentioned before times 100. Every day feels like a week and a whole week at camp feels like a month. I have made friends that I can’t imagine my life without anymore and it’s strange, how some of these people I have only known a month. Working with children also has its ups and downs. There is a lot of sass and tears and more sass.

Little things now make me giggle and some of the jokes, if I were to ever recite in public or here, would never make any sense, but somehow here everything just works. Beats me. There is lots of nature around and barely any phone signal, which is fabulous. My tan lines are all over the place and I refuse to stop complaining about those just because.

Anyways, this is just a quick update and probably pretty pointless. I’m posting a pre written piece in a sec so there should be some content above this that actually adds some value to ya’ll. 
I promise not to disappear again for so long.

Go spread some kindness in the world! :)

All the love,



Carpe Diem, little shits.

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Carpe Diem (phrase) A shortened version of the original Latin phrase "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero" meaning "seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future." Commonly used to justify spontaneous behavior and to make the most out of today, because one doesn't know if they'll live to see tomorrow. However, the actual phrase is not saying to ignore the future, but rather to do as much as one can now because they won't know if everything will fall into place in the long run. Benefit yourself now, so it can pay off in the future. The complete fucking opposite of YOLO. – Urban Dictionary

Camp Site

I have got an exciting announcement to share which, if you follow me on twitter, you'll already be aware of. As you read this I am about to catch a plane to NYC and then carry on my journey to a summer camp, where I will be working for summer via Camp America in a high ropes position. I have couple entries already planned that will go live post camp about this experience and I am sure I will get even more ideas while I will be on camp. Lots of awesome content coming up, guys! Due to these exciting news, most content that you will be reading and seeing on SHE WRITES during summer will be pre written. I have got few 'series' coming up and the occasional random post here and there.

As I am writing this I am buzzing with excitement! Not only will I get to spend my summer outdoors, but I will have the opportunity to travel and I will get paid for it? What? I have already started planning my post camp travels, so hopefully I will take lost and lots of nice pictures and get to see even more! My Instagram will be flooded with photos! Life is good at the moment! I don't want to disclose, which camp I am going to simply to protect my identity (or at least protect my professional identity). For those wondering, yes there is cost associated with Camp America program and I managed to fund these all myself (even though my placement was severely underpaid).

I have ranted and ranted on this blog how much I wish to travel in my life and while I have been more fortunate than others, I will not be satisfied until I've seen every corner of this world! Camp America is an amazing program and a step towards exploring new places, while getting to work with children, develop new skills and overall just have an amazing summer. I didn't get to enjoy last summer as I started my placement in June and since I graduate next year, I figured this is probably my last opportunity to have a summer free of work and worries.

Carpe diem they say and I will speak to you soon! Go spread some kindness and go on adventures!


Vegan anniversary.

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anniversary (n.) the date on which an event took place or an institution was founded in a previous year.

It’s my vegan anniversary! Well, sort off. I am not sure when exactly it is but it’s around now… around Spring. It’s been a crazy, crazy year. So much has changed and to top it all off my placement is coming to an end as well, marking truly a life changing year for me.

I have written plenty before about why I went vegan. I have answered most asked questions about my lifestyle change and have also made a great list of documentary resources to help those, who are ready to learn the horrible truth about animal welfare, environment and politics. I shared my favourite vegan bloggers, youtubers, influencers and resources that have been a great help into my vegan journey in hopes to sway some people in cutting their animal product consumption. Recently I have started sharing my favourite vegan and cruelty free products like my favourite hair products and how I stay clean.  I really have shared most of my vegan journey and while there are still plenty of things I need to adapt (dropping palm oil has been a great struggle) and change in my life, I am definitely on the right track, which only encourages me to keep going.

It's funny how, when I first went vegan people were telling me that I wouldn’t last more than 3 months, then that I wouldn’t last past 6 months, then it was that I wouldn’t get to a year… Now apparently I will not last past 2 years. Good thing, I enjoy a bit of a challenge.

People often asked me, what are the changes I have experiences after going vegan and I don’t think I have really spoken about it before. Here’s couple things I have discovered about myself trough this journey.

Love for life, other beings and this planet.
To start with I have found so much love within me. I think humans should be selfish once in a while, but it takes courage and determination to put aside, what you are used to and go out of your way to reduce the suffering in the world. To be honest, I am still as selfish as I was, if not even more, because being vegan feels damn good. Think of it this way, people do charity because it makes them feel good, similarly veganism makes me feel amazing about myself.

I now have so much love and compassion for all the living creatures, I can’t stand to think the suffering the farm animals go through - what a horrible way to go. Also my concern for this planet has reached a new high, I have become so desperate that I hope I will not be alive, when the end really hits all of us. You see? Selfish.

I have changed physically.
Let’s firstly address the elephant in the room – yes, I have lost weight. I will not elaborate on this much, at least not yet. But most importantly I have become so much more active. Taking bus to work feels weird, because cycling has now become the second nature. I have also gained hobbies that I would have never thought of doing like top rope climbing (I just recently passed my climbing test), boxing, spinning and circuits etc. I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing all that and not feeling like passing out or dying.

While we are on the topic of my physical health, I just got back my blood results. I am officially in perfect health. My vitamin D levels are slightly low, but that’s not unusual during winter and I should take a B12 supplement because it looks I might be a bit low on that. I haven’t really talked about B12 on my blog (I will soon), so here is basic info you should know about B12 as a vegan. One doesn’t really have to take a B12 supplement as there are plenty way to include B12 in your diet without taking a supplement. However, obviously it looks like I have been neglecting this and to make my life a bit easier I will just be taking a vegan multivitamin once a day to ensure that I give my body everything it needs.

Energy and sleep.
I have so much energy now and due to this I can embark all the physical activities as well. I sleep better because my body is tired at the end of the day and ready for rest. It just feels wonderful not wanting to fall asleep in the middle of the day at work or being able to climb wall after wall and feeling your body get stronger. It’s truly wonderful.

All in all, I am sure, you have already gathered that I am very happy and feel whole with my decision to become a vegan. I plan to continue sharing my thoughts and my experiences of my journey on this blog so stay around for that. Until then be kind to one and other!


Ladies, we are digging our own graves with this attitude.

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glass ceiling (phrase) an unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.

At work (where I undertook my placement), we subscribe to a media data base query service. It’s an extension that connects journalists and PRs (whoever thought of this, I hope they made couple million, because it’s really a great service). Basically it’s sort of like #journorequest on twitter.

Every decent PR persona will tell you that in a successful PR campaign, the type of media outlet you’d approach very much depends on your client. There is no point featuring a child toy retailer in a publication focusing on global warming. Yes, I know there are ways to bend it and blah blah blah, but primarily exposure of such wouldn’t really reach their target market. The same goes for publications with a certain ‘image’. It just so happens that couple weeks ago, a request came in. I have blanked out any names and titles as really I’m not too concerned about that (also I’m afraid about my job), but rather the context of this query.

So this journalist, based on my research, is doing alright for a freelance writer. She has years of experience, but she’s no Forbes editor either. She writes, what people ask for (demand = supply), which a lot of times is brainless garbage. Can’t say I blame her. I mean I still stand by the fact that PRs are brainwashing society and we all are going to hell, so can’t judge anyone really. However, what bothers me IS the fact that she’s clearly an intelligent woman and yet she lacks so much respect towards other women. How are we supposed to fight for equality if individuals of our own ‘breed’ are promotion inequality? What bother me is not the media request at its core, but the misogynistic and sexist examples made to explain the idea. Dear god, think of the outrage that a woman… A woman could be in a position where she can afford to sit in the first class… Of course that is not possible only her husband could be the one sitting on the first class or that the woman’s place is in the economy class to take care of the children.

Wake up call, lady, men are as capable taking care of children as women are. And, yes, while there is a glass ceiling and women are making far less than men are that doesn’t mean that in a functioning relationship the man should be the one with a higher income. What is this 1920s? And of course the cherry on the fucking cake – the wife is ‘hoping to get upgraded’.

How are we supposed demand equality and respect, if we have woman putting other women down in a such sexist manner? What bother me is that she didn’t even consider to mention that the roles were reversed. Not a single word instigating that as if it’s natural that a woman is beneath a man. That ladies and gentleman is the true issue here.

Stay kind to one and other and fight for what's right!